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Recruitment agencies help companies in the initial stages of their recruitment process (e.g. sourcing and shortlisting.)

Recruiting agencies help make your hiring more efficient by undertaking the initial phases of your hiring process (including resume screening, phone screens and first interviews.) Recruitment agencies are especially useful when you need: To meet short-term hiring needs. A recruiting firm finds employees fast, since they have a network of candidates with whom they have built relationships. Staffing firms, which hire candidates as employees and then assign them to clients on a temporary basis, may be useful in this case. To enhance your pipeline for a role. A recruiting agency helps you fill your pipeline with qualified candidates, allowing hiring managers to make more informed decisions. You could also hire a recruitment consultant from an agency to help you attract and build long-term relationships with passive candidates. To hire for a specialized or executive role. If your internal recruiters have never hired for specialized roles before, they may have to dedicate a lot of time to learn how. Recruiting agencies bring in knowledge of specialized skills, niche job boards and unique sourcing methods.

Headhunters search for talented people who meet hiring managers’ requirements. Headhunters are mostly responsible for locating candidates, online or offline, and engaging them. Here are some headhunter responsibilities: 1) Coordinate with hiring managers to define necessary requirements for open roles 2) Send recruiting emails to passive candidates 3) Join social media groups and professional networks to interact with potential candidates

- Chief Financial Officers - Financial Directors - Group Financial Managers - Finance Managers - External and Internal Audit Managers - External and Internal Auditors - Forensic Accountants - Financial Accountants - Management Accountants - Bookkeepers - Accounts Payable and Receivable - SAICA Audit Clerks - SAIPA Clerks

We charge our clients on a contingency fee basis and the percentage fee is agreed on by both parties, agency and employer. This form of payment means that you only have to pay if you hire candidates our agency recommended. You simply provide your requirements and let us find people who seem to be a good fit. Because you pay nothing upfront, this option is low risk. You can usually work with multiple contingency recruiters too.

You will receive your invoice from Finance Careers on the day our candidate starts work with your company. Standard payments terms are seven days.

Yes, our terms of service protect you with a replacement guarantee of three months. The Finance Careers recruiter who worked with you on the role will replace the candidate at no additional cost.

If you are already working with other recruiters, then that’s fine. However, if you only select one recruiter, you can benefit from preferential rates, areas of specialism, and service aligned to your requirements.