How it works.

We assist our clients in finding suitable candidates for placement. You will receive more profiles, see CVs in one place and eliminate unnecessary recruitment admin.

Our awesome features
Email or phone us with your requirements.

No need to complete all sorts of job specification forms. Just email ( or phone (011-0838668) us with your recruitment request.

Our awesome features
Sign our terms and conditions.

Fee, payment terms and guarantee period all detailed on only three pages. You can sign the agreement digitally.

Our awesome features
Receive candidate profiles and CVs - all in one place.

One client portal link. Many candidate profiles to see. We have eliminated searching for emailed CVs in your inbox.

Our awesome features
Weekly updates.

Your dedicated consultant will connect via email with you once a week — no more constant phone calls from recruiters.

Our awesome features

We will make all the necessary arrangements with the shortlisted candidates. Gone are the days of back and forth phone calls and emails.

Our awesome features
Offer process.

Send us the offer, and we will field all the candidate's questions. Once signed, your consultant will formally hand over all relevant candidate supporting documents, proof of vetting and personal information.